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The world is your oyster with Animal Management at Shuttleworth College

The Pet Show hits the north of England this weekend (19th – 20th August). There’ll be all sorts of pets, great and small, but if you’re serious about a career in animal welfare, science or management it’s vital you learn to care for not just the cute, but the weird and wonderful too!

Zoological Education Centre

Reconnecting with the natural world – seeing the vision


If you have a keen interest in the growing of crops or farm animals, then you could join the one million people already working in the agricultural sector.

Live a life outdoors with Agriculture courses at Shuttleworth College

For many of us September marks two things; the end of the school holidays and the harvesting season. We see the fields turn from golden yellow to brown as this year’s crop is harvested and they are ploughed back over.

English & Maths

Need to improve up your English and Maths skills? These courses will help you to develop the essential skills and confidence you need for everyday life and to further your education and career prospects. We also offer English and Maths GCSEs – it's never too late to take these core qualifications, which can open doors to a whole range of further education and career development opportunities.

Online Learning for Everyday Skills in Maths and English

Do you want to improve your reading, writing or maths skills?

Online Learning for Everyday Skills in Maths and English

Do you want to improve your reading, writing or maths skills?

Make English and maths your achievable New Year’s resolution!

New Year’s resolutions; we all like to make them, but many of us struggle to keep them. We want to lose weight, get fit, spend less time working, more time with our families… all things that will make us happier in 2017.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Whether you are visiting England or are planning an extended stay, Bedford College can offer you a variety of valuable opportunities to improve your English.

First Aid and Health & Safety

With Health and Safety regulation as strict as ever it is a legal requirement to ensure that Health and Safety standards are maintained whatever size your business may be.

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