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100% success rate AND careers

Graduates of the new Jagged Edge and Bedford College Academy passed with flying colours and 100% success rate. They are now at work at Jagged Edge outlets.

Top training – without university price tag

Bedford College students who took part in the “New Blood” exhibition of the national D&AD met with the biggest names in the industry.

40+ Apprenticeships on offer

Bedford College is seeking young people to take up more than 40 apprenticeships offered by a range of employers from Traka PLC to Bedford Borough Council.

Arts HIGHER than universities

The South Bank Arts Centre at Bedford College is a beacon for brilliance in graphic design.

MORE movie business links

A movie destined to be shown at the world’s most famous festivals like Sundance was written and stars a former Bedford College performing arts staff member.

Stage set for RADA

Two Bedford College students have their next life stages set for RADA, the world famous school of dramatic arts.

Freshers Fairs

Hundreds of new students arriving for the first time at Bedford College and Shuttleworth College were made welcome at the recent Freshers’ Fairs.

Benchmarked against the best

Bedford College benchmarks itself against not the FE sector but the best in the private and public business worlds.

Link with Higher Educational history

A beautiful new £2 Million building, in keeping with the historic street scape of St Mary’s has been completed by Bedford College.

Bedford College Blogs

Bedford College blogs.

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