Meet our students

Alexandra - Accounting (AAT) Level 3 Diploma


“I work for a Bedford accountancy firm, Thompsons Accounting, and wanted to progress my career but continue to work full-time.  This part-time AAT course fits in well because it’s two evenings a week.”

“Although I work for an accountancy firm, I’m doing an administration job at the moment, so this AAT qualification will help advance my career. I’m planning to go on and complete the Level 4 AAT – that’s my goal.  Once I have the Level 4 qualification it will open up a lot of different opportunities for me. The course has definitely helped me gain a greater understanding of what goes on at work, particularly the financial terminology the accountants use, so it has significantly increased my confidence at work.”

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Arlene - Access to Midwifery


After 12 years of childminding at home, I turned 40 and wanted my house back to myself! I’d always wanted to be a midwife and this felt like the right time for me to do something about it. A friend recommended the Access courses to me and, to my delight, I found that Bedford College offered a pathway in midwifery.

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into education. It hasn’t been easy financially, but the Advanced Learner Loan is there to cover the course fee and gets written off when you graduate from university. The studying has not been as difficult as I thought it might be; the tutors are excellent and help ease you into the course.

My favourite part of the course is science and the practical sessions in the lab. I’ve always enjoyed it and have studied some physics courses through the Open University over the years.  We have to do about 10 hours extra study at home per week, which is manageable as long as you stay organised and on top of it all.

Once I’ve completed the Access course I’ll be going to the University of Bedfordshire to study midwifery, and it will take three years to become qualified. It’s been an amazing year here at Bedford College. My confidence has gone from zero to absolutely through the roof, so if you’re considering it, just do it! 

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Jenna - Access to Animal Management


Before starting this Access course at Shuttleworth College I had been out of education for 10 years. I worked in retail after leaving school and more recently had a cleaning job. Whilst this offered plenty of flexibility while my daughter was young, I wasn’t happy and deep down knew I wanted to get back into education.

I love animals and have always had a dream of opening a cat sanctuary. I looked into Animal Care courses after a colleague recommended Shuttleworth College to me. When I spoke to staff they suggested I’d be a good candidate for the Access course, so here I am!

I took out the Advanced Learner Loan to cover the cost of the course and the College have been fantastic helping with childcare fees and a travel bursary. 

My plan is to go on to an Animal Science degree here next year, which I would never have believed when I started looking at courses. I’m not very academic so the Access course has been a challenge, particularly the assignments and essays. However, the tutors have been fantastic at keeping us on the right track – and they really bring the love of animals alive!  I’ve come to realise that I am more than capable; I’ve just got to keep that self-confidence going inside. 

Shuttleworth College is such an inspirational place and the Animal Unit is fantastic. We get to work with so many different species and you can’t help but take pride in caring for them. 

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Gyorgyi - Hospitality Management HNC


I started at Level 1, and then went on to Level 2 and Level 3, before progressing on to this higher education course.  My family are involved in the hospitality industry so I understand what is involved in the industry, but I wanted to learn the theory and how the UK sector works.  I have also been fitting my studies around my family commitments so the College has been absolutely fantastic for me because it’s local and I can be there every day if needed.

I looked into similar courses run by local universities but one of the main reasons why I chose Bedford College was because it was much cheaper. My tutors also told me about the Advanced Learner Loan which has really helped me.

The most interesting part of the course for me has been learning about management theory and marketing.  I also enjoy the finance part of the course, which surprised me as I’m not keen on the money side of things! 

My teacher is very dedicated and has a lot of industry experience.  To be honest, she’s been a role model for me and she’s helped me to develop my sector knowledge, English language and academic skills. 

I’ve just started a small cake decorating business and, if I can expand this and get funding, my aim is to open a shop in a few years.  I’ve also recently applied for a part-time job as a team leader in a local school.  This course has given me the self-belief and confidence that I needed to apply.  I’m looking forward to coming back next year to complete the HND at Level 5 as I really enjoy learning and studying here.

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