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Education and Training Level 5 Diploma (Formerly DTLLS) Part Time

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The Level 5 Diploma in Education (DET) is a qualification for those who want to teach in the Post Compulsory Education (PCE) sector. Candidates will have career aspirations to teach in Further Education (F.E), Higher Education (H.E) or Adult and Community Learning (A.C.L). The qualification leads to QTLS (Qualified Teacher in Learning and Skills) which is the main requirement to teach in the PCE Sector. QTLS is given for those wanting to teach learners aged over 16 yrs of age and is awarded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF – Formally the IfL). This is different to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which is for those wishing to teach in schools.

As a Level 5 teaching qualification the course content is exactly the same as a CertEd/PGCE in Lifelong Learning and carries the same value and credit with regulators, employers and the education and training sectors. Once you have completed the DET this will enable you to gain QTLS - Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status with the ETF, the professional body for the PCE sector.

The DET course is run over two academic years and learners will be able to become qualified PCE teachers at the end of the course.

The course can be studied either ‘in’-service, or ‘pre’-service. Placements can be arranged within the Bedford College group to meet the 100hrs course requirement. The course provides a significant amount of vocational experience throughout the course which ensures that learners are well prepared to apply for teaching jobs once completed.

The course leads to QTLS.  QTLS can now be transferred to QTS and this could be a route for teachers wanting to teach in Secondary Education (Schools).

Application deadline

Applications for the full-time DET course will be accepted up until the start of the course but, any candidate wishing to have a placement at Bedford College must submit their application by Friday 31 July 2020.  Our full-time DET is very popular and placements with mentors are limited, so we encourage applicants to submit their applicants as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Still have questions? Here are the answers!

Download and read our information pack here. It contains information on days of attendance, timetabling, placements, being a mentee, becoming a lecturer, other Initial Teacher Training courses, bursaries, loans and Student Finance and much more…

Everything you need to know...

The National Careers Service website has useful information about becoming a Further Education teacher.

The FE Advice website also has helpful information about becoming a teacher, incentives for training, qualifications, the variety of the sector and most of what you need to know as a new entrant or an existing worker.

This is the only college locally to offer the intensive PGCE course, which enables you to gain the qualification in a year.  Initially I had planned to do the course part-time but because this intensive course is full-time I actually ended up leaving my job so that I could get my qualification as quickly as possible.

I enjoyed the practical side of the course, teaching the students, because I was able to put into practice the theory which I learnt in class such as lesson planning, different teaching styles and marking. 

I feel very lucky that I was surrounded by a great team of teaching professionals including my tutors and my mentor who gave me a lot of advice.  There is no doubt that the course has boosted my confidence and given me the skills I needed to get my first full-time teaching job. 

Elise - Teaching in Post-Compulsory Education (Cert Ed/PGCE) Certificate Intensive

Entry requirements

To enrol on the City and Guilds Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) course you will need to have:

  • You will need to amass at least 100 hours of logged teaching during the course (your tutor will visit during the course to observe you teaching for at least eight of these hours). Placements can be arranged if candidates do not have access to their own teaching practice.
  • At least a Level 3 qualification/s in your subject area.
  • Maths, Literacy and IT skills in order to complete the research and investigations needed for the theory part of the qualification. It is recommended that you have GCSE English and Maths at grade “C” or equivalent, although where formal qualifications are missing an action plan can be put in place to achieve the required level by the end of the course.
Applicants will also be required to have appropriate vocational, industrial or commercial experience in the subject they want to teach.

Course content

Attendance at Bedford College will be for one half day a week (unless you are also in placement with Bedford College and this will mean an extra day attendance).

This course will enable you to take a practical and analytical approach to all the aspects of training and education, right from planning and designing learning through to teaching, assessing and supporting learners. You will also cover the theories and principles of education and training and be given the opportunity to embed these in your own teaching and practice.

During the DET course you will have the opportunity to:

  • carry our research into education and training
  • investigate policies and professionalism in the education and training sectors
  • research your own role and potential as a teacher/trainer
  • contribute to quality improvement within your own organisation
  • help develop quality assurance within your own teaching practice
  • demonstrate theories and principles of inclusive teaching and learning in professional practice.
The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) not only gives you expertise and the chance to investigate the theories and current practice of education, but also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you can transfer the findings of your research and investigation into your own teaching practice.

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) gives you a minimum of 120 credits and is recognised by Ofqual.

The course content includes four main units.

  • Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Develop teaching, learning and assessment in education and training
  • Theories, principles and models in education and training
  • Wider professional practice and development in education and training

You will then complete a minimum of two optional units to finalise your work and gain the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. You will be taught and guided by our team of expert teacher-trainers who are all lifelong educationalists and dedicated to delivering you a valuable qualification in education and training.

Units are assessed by a mixture of: Assignments, Presentations, Microteaching and Observed Teaching Practice.

The course can be studied either ‘in’-service, or ‘pre’-service. Placements can be arranged within the Bedford College group to meet the 100hrs course requirement. Placements can be arranged for candidates that are not already in a teaching position. This will be discussed during the interview.

Assessment methods

You will be allocated a dedicated tutor who will assess your work. To progress you will complete various assignments, both theoretical and practical. Your tutor will check your work, they will also provide you advice, support and guidance to achieve the standard required by the City and Guilds courses in Education and Training. There is no formal exam, however the DET course requires that your tutor will observe you teaching your own candidates on a minimum of eight hours/occasions. We'll arrange this with you on a one-to-one basis to suit your schedule.


The Level 5 DET qualification replaces the City and Guilds Diploma in Delivering Learning. Certificate in Teaching in Lifelong Learning (DTLLS) and now forms a route to gaining QTLS - Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status. It is suitable for those teaching adults.

Statutory instrument 2012 No. 431, which was laid in parliament on 9 March 2012, amended the 2003 regulations so that holders of QTLS who become members of the Society for Education and Training may be appointed to permanent positions as qualified teachers at schools, without any further induction requirements.

Schools and local authorities remain responsible for decisions on employing any staff including QTLS holders, and ETF maintains the national register of QTLS holders, including those teaching in schools. City and Guilds Diploma in Education and Training is a premium qualification which gives the holder proof of their teaching and training skills, research and independent study as well as the ability to improve quality and implement best practice in their teaching role.

As a Level 5 course the content and validity is the same as the CertEd/PGCE.
Further study and career options

On successful completion you will be qualified to practice as a Teacher, or Trainer in the Lifelong Learning and F.E, H.E and ACL sector. Professional Formation for Teachers and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning and FE Sector (QTLS/ATLS). QTLS can now be transferred to QTS and this could be a route for teachers wanting to teach in Secondary Education (Schools).

Additional information

The course leads to QTLS (Qualified Teacher for Learning and Skills.  QTLS can now be transferred to QTS and this could be a route for teachers wanting to teach in Secondary Education (Schools). To apply, you must complete and return a UoB application form to the Bedford College Teacher Training Department.

There will be a nominal extra tuition fee to cover the Level 3 Award in Education & Training if you do not already hold this. Please enquire for details.

Successful applicants will become a student at both Bedford College and the University of Bedfordshire and will therefore have access to both sets of facilities and amenities within each institution.

You will be required to attend two interviews; one informal exploratory talk with the tutor and one formal interview with the tutor and mentor/department head for which you will have to prepare a micro-teaching session. This process may take several weeks to complete.

Please note that applications received after June 21, 2021 may not result in a place being offered on the full-time course due to the length of time that the application and placement process takes. Please enquire for alternative course information.

To apply, please:

  • ensure you download, ‘unzip’ and read our information pack (link below in blue box)
  • select the 'Apply online' button below and complete your application in as much detail as possible
  • in the ‘Personal Statement’ section, you must write a full personal statement of 250 words minimum starting:
    • What subject you would like to teach
    • What Bedford College department this subject is likely to be based in
    • Why you want to become a teacher
    • Why your qualifications and experiences to date prepare you well to become a teacher
    • Where you see yourself in five years
  • in the ‘Qualifications’ section, ensure you include titles and grades for any degree/s, other teaching awards gained and your highest levels of English and Maths

At this appointment you will also be expected to bring all your supporting documents (including certificates for your degree and accompanying transcript, other teaching awards, Level 2s/GCSE ‘C’s or above in both English and Maths and passport).

If you have any specific queries about the interview process, content of the course, acceptance of other teaching awards, bursaries available, specific dates/times etc. please e-mail

Pay by instalments

The College offers an instalment plan for Further Education and Higher Education courses to students where the total amount payable at the point of enrolment is £200 or more. Within the scheme there is an ability to pay up to 6 instalments, depending on the length of the courses and the final payment must be paid at least a month before the end of the course.

Course Information & How to Apply

To apply online, select the 'Apply' button below. You will need to register an account and then you can follow the instructions on screen.

LengthStart DateDay(s)Time(s)Fees per yearLocationCourse Code
2 years 17/09/2021 Fri 1.30 pm - 4.45 pm £1282 per year Cauldwell Street BBA2358 Apply

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Additional Learning Support
If you have a specific learning difficulty or disability, are deaf or hearing impaired, our Additional Learning Support team are on hand to give you assistance whenever you need it.  Find out more.

Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome Support
At Bedford College, we are committed to developing the provision for students on the autistic spectrum, including Asperger’s Syndrome.  Find out more.

We have access arrangements in place to help students with disabilities or any other particular needs. Call us on 01234 291000 for more information.

Additional formats
Course information sheets are also available in large print and audio formats. Call us on
01234 291000 to order your copy.