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English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

  • Entry Levels

If you are an international student wanting to develop your English Language skills and extend your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary and have an internationally recognised qualification, these courses are for you.

Entry requirements

A typical student is probably someone over 16 who has come to England to study, to work or to be with their family and who wants to improve their English. EFL Students will probably want to use their English language skills in their country of origin sometime in the future, possibly for work, social or study reasons. The course is ideal for those who wish to study English for a full year or longer. However, it is possible to join a course for just part of the year. Your language skills will be assessed on entry in order to ensure that you are placed in a group that is working at the level you require.

Course content

You will develop:

  • Your ability to listen and speak with understanding
  • Your ability to read and write
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Fluency in all skills
  • Better pronunciation
  • Your range of vocabulary
  • Your overall confidence when using English in most situations
  • Appropriate language for a range of situations

All classes follow a syllabus that incorporates the following:

  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Exam Preparation
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing
  • Conversation
  • Speaking

Each class will have a course book as a basis for classwork and some will have a practice book as a basis for homework. Students will be expected to buy the course book. Additional learning materials (provided by the college) will also be used regularly.

You can expect to engage in classroom activities that include individual work, pair and group work, role-play and whole class work. You will use the Internet as an integrated part of your study programme.

Class sizes typically tend to be between 5 and 15 students which ensures individual attention.

Assessment methods

Your language skills development will be assessed on a continuous basis and you will also have the opportunity to discuss your progress with your tutor regularly in class and/or individual tutorials. You will be entered for the relevant level examination as soon as you are ready.


Based on the advice of your teachers, after you have taken a mock examination, you can take one of the following Cambridge University examinations which are all internationally recognised:

1. Cambridge University Preliminary (PET - CEFR Level B1). Intermediate level qualification which is accepted around the world as proof of your ability to communicate in English with native speakers for everyday purposes

2. Cambridge University First (FCE -CEFR Level B2). Upper Intermediate qualification. Ideal level for anyone who wants to work or study in an English speaking environment.

3. Cambridge University Advanced (CAE - CEFR Level C1). High level qualification in English for demanding academic and professional situations.

4. Cambridge University Proficiency (CPE - CEFR Level C2). Able to use English at near native level in a wide range of situations.

For these qualifications the examination entry periods are in October and March. The examinations are in December and June. Students will only be entered for a particular level when they are deemed to be ready by their tutors.

In addition, if requested, proof of attendance can be given to students attending classes.

There is a fee for ALL Cambridge examination entries. Examination fees are NON REFUNDABLE.

For the present year 2016-2017, this is PET, £39.00, FCE £75.00, CAE, £79.00, CPE £86.00

Further study and career options

Each level is planned as a one-year course. If you attend for a second year you will be expected to move on to a higher level. Outstanding students may progress through the levels more quickly.

Additional information

If you enrol on a part-time daytime course, you will attend two sessions per week (4 hours). Dedicated EFL morning lessons are 2 hours held between 11.30am – 1.30pm. Beginners and level A2 learners will attend lessons with ESOL students and there are dedicated groups at level B1 and level B2. The dedicated C1 group can also provide for C2 if there is a demand for this level.

Unfortunately the College cannot provide accommodation at this time but our Student Services will give you details of accommodation in the area. You can contact our Student Services at the following address: Bedford College, Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AH or via telephone on 01234 291000 or fax on 01234 342674.

Term Dates (Academic year 2016-2017)


Autumn Term 12 September 2016 – 16 December 2016 (Half Term week beginning 26 October 2016)

Spring Term 9 January 2017 – 31 March 2017 (Half Term week beginning 13 February 2017)

Summer Term 18 April 2016 –16 June 2017


Full-time course, 15 hours per week: £4,800 per year or £1,650 per term (32 weeks)

All full-time prices are quoted for non-EU citizens. 25% reduction for EU students.


Whole year (12 September 2016 – 16 June 2017)

EU Nationals: £960 / Overseas: £1,280

Whole term

Autumn Term
12 September 2016 - 16 December 2016 (Half Term week beginning 24 October 2016) (13 weeks)
4 hours per week
EU National: £390 / Overseas: £520

Spring Term
9 January 2017 – 31 March 2017 (Half Term week beginning 13 February 2017) (11 weeks)
4 hours per week
EU National: £330 / Overseas: £440

Summer Term
18 April 2017 – 16 June 2017 (Half Term week beginning 29 May 2017) (8 weeks)
4 hours per week
EU National: £240 / Overseas: £320

Course information & how to book

Please call the College on 01234 291000 to find out more about this course. To apply, please print off the Application Form for International Students and send it back to us.

Start DateFeesLocationCourse Code
Flexible Listed above Cauldwell Street P836

Additional Learning Support
If you have a specific learning difficulty or disability, are deaf or hearing impaired, our Additional Learning Support team are on hand to give you assistance whenever you need it.  Find out more.

Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome Support
At Bedford College, we are committed to developing the provision for students on the autistic spectrum, including Asperger’s Syndrome.  Find out more.

We have access arrangements in place to help students with disabilities or any other particular needs. Call us on 01234 291000 for more information.

Additional formats
Course information sheets are also available in large print and audio formats. Call us on
01234 291000 to order your copy.
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