Make English and maths your achievable New Year’s resolution!

New Year’s resolutions; we all like to make them, but many of us struggle to keep them. We want to lose weight, get fit, spend less time working, more time with our families… all things that will make us happier in 2017.

Improve your English at Bedford College

What about our English and maths skills? They’re easy to overlook but not so easy to improve without a helping hand. If we’ve been out of education for a while, looking for a change in career or want to help our children with their homework, these skills are really important.  

According to a government video made in 2014, there won’t be any jobs in the future that don’t require English and maths skills. There have been plenty of related stories in the news over the last couple of years about how these skills help the economy, society and people’s lives in general, and it’s now mandatory for young people to continue studying English and maths as part of their post-16 education if they haven’t already gained the required GCSE grades.

Of course, when you have spell check on your laptop and a calculator on your phone, it’s still all too easy to think you can do without English and maths – in work and personal life. But from checking your online banking to writing a cover letter to apply for a new job, there are some things we can’t always rely on technology for.

Study Maths at Bedford College

Bedford College offer weekly English and maths classes for adults aged 19-90! Each course is 15 weeks long (starting in January or September each year) and will cost you just £20 to cover the cost of books and other resources used in lessons.

Each weekly session is two hours long and class times have been designed to fit around the school and work day, so that you can study alongside your usual daily commitments with morning, mid-day and evening sessions.

Courses start at Entry level and go up to Level 2, which is the equivalent to GCSE and you don’t need any qualifications to start with us.

And unlike many New Year’s resolutions, it’s not at all scary! You’ll learn English and maths in a different, non-threatening way, with other adults in a friendly environment. Our specialist teaching staff have kept our success rates well above the national average for the past three years! 

For an intensive English and maths course, why not consider our summer school during the middle two weeks in July?

Whatever route suits you, we look forward to welcoming you in 2017!

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