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Computers... what would we do without them? Whether you rely on one for work, for your online shopping or keeping up to date on social media, laptops, tablets and all mobile devices have become second nature to many.

Computing student Mohammed

Over the years they’ve got smaller, lighter and speedier – they’ve come a long way from ENIAC, the first computer which weighed 50 tonnes back in 1946!

National Coding Week takes place between 19-25 September 2016. No one can deny how essential computers have become in our lives and this event is all about sharing digital knowledge and skills.

Here at Bedford College, we go one further and ensure that our students learn the latest skills and techniques accredited by the world’s leading IT companies, such as Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco. From part-time beginner courses right through to degree-level, there is something to suit you.

We have a dedicated Microsoft Professional computer suite and Cisco networking suite. Our Cisco suite is particularly special, as it was chosen to host a warm-up for the World Skills IT Networking competition held in Brazil last year. Participants had the chance to work in the very best high tech environment, which was identical to what they would see in Brazil.

One of our former students Oliver Davis won the UK Skills IT Networking competition in 2015 and has a place waiting at the World Skills event in Abu Dhabi in 2017. He completed his Foundation Degree in Networking and now works at Blue Chip, the largest independent IBM support company in the UK. 

Judith - Computing LecturerAll of our computing tutors have worked in the IT industry in a wide range of roles including networking, programming, PC maintenance, website development and helpdesk support. One member of staff, Judith Larsen recently became the only woman in the UK to achieve the ‘Expert Level Excellence’ status from Cisco. Only 935 instructors in the world met the Cisco standard for Expert Instructor Excellence in 2015, and just 22 in the UK.

“I would like to see more girls coming from school and moving into networking - there are more proportionately in Germany for instance. But it often seems they prefer coding and software, or website design,” said Judith.

Our students have the opportunity to work with industry experts and learn from guest lecturers, local employers and organisations including the British Computer Society, CISCO, and Microsoft. Being aware of what the industry demands makes our students more employable when they leave College. There are plenty of trips and visits to enjoy. In the past, we’ve been to Disneyland Paris to learn about the role IT has to play in the rides and exhibits.

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