Customer Service Training

Why are we are doing this compulsory training?

In today's competitive markets, customer service determines the winners and losers. Staff Survey results from September 2015 revealed that we have some way to go to achieve ICS national benchmark in particular with our people and processes, we know that excellent customer service comes from creating a climate in which staff feel engaged, valued and motivated.  Bedford College Customer Service Training – is an opportunity for you to have an advantage when dealing with all our customers both internal and external, gaining immediately usable skills which increase your confidence in creating two-way relationships; the keystone of excellent customer care. In general, if a customer has a problem, and you deal with it with real care and attention, you have a customer for life. Bedford College is launching new this year an unique in-house customer service training programme for all our core staff.  

Customer service

This training will be fun and interactive and provide you with very practical advice on developing:

  • your mindset of a customer service professional
  • your understanding on ‘service recovery’ & ‘repurchase potential’
  • your understanding why communication such as listening and verbal and non-verbal communication is vital in delivering service excellence
  • your understanding of Bedford College’s Customer Service competencies and Customer Charter
  • a commitment as to what you are going to do to improve your customer service  

What attendees have said:

We successfully launched this programme to all College managers including Executive during June and July this year. Here are some comments given to us from the  attendees:

  • “It is good for different colleagues to meet up in this way”
  • “Excellent facilitators and a great group that allowed very constructive discussions”
  • “The chance to share experiences and see the bigger picture.  Also, it's a chance to find out a bit more about how the college works”
  • “Variety of the day, interesting facts”
  • “The quiz and the fact that there was lots of interaction”
  • “Made me look at my own practice in my partnership work”
  • “It made me think about the language I use (whether positive or negative), how well I listen and how I can improve my own customer service”.

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