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Our work with Maydencroft

Maydencroft is an environmental consulting and contracting company based in Hertfordshire. With four divisions (consultancy, contracting, ecology and farming), the company covers many different land-based sectors. They have previously had arboriculture apprentices and currently have apprentices in horticulture. They have recently welcomed Holly Grant, their first Livestock apprentice, through Shuttleworth College. Holly is on the Agriculture Higher Apprenticeship programme, which is a new Level 4 programme for 2016.

Maydencroft Ashlea Lewis Bedford College Apprenticeship We Offer Today

Ashlea Lewis, Human Resources Manager at Maydencroft said: “The land-based industry is growing and there are still not enough skilled people, which is why we have started to employ apprentices in this area and have plans to take on more.

“Land-based skills are a dying trade and if we stop taking on new employees now, we will be missing the skills again in a few years’ time.  Our Managing Director and Founder, Tom Williams is passionate about the next generation.”

Maydencroft have found the apprenticeship scheme to be very successful and have been pleasantly surprised by the maturity of the apprentices. “Our apprentices have brought a youthful energy to the company and it’s helped other employees step up their game,” said Ashlea.

“The apprentices themselves gain a lot of confidence working here. When I see them for their reviews, I notice an inspiring change.

“Our objective is to keep our apprentices and to grow them.  We aim to make sure they get everything they need out of the programme so that they put back into the company. It’s about listening to them and adjusting as necessary.”

Industry:  Environmental
Apprentice:  Holly Grant, Agriculture Higher Apprentice

Holly Grant Apprenticeship Higher Apprentice Maydencroft

After studying an Advanced Level course in Agriculture, Holly was initially planning to go on to university. Instead, she applied for a degree-level apprenticeship vacancy at Maydencroft – a Hertfordshire-based environmental consulting and contracting company. The new Higher Apprenticeship programme in Agriculture offered by Shuttleworth College has a more scientific approach and develops higher level management skills.

Working as an Apprentice Stockperson in the farming division, Holly’s job role involves all aspects of livestock husbandry including feeding and checking over their herds of Longhorn cattle and managing a range of livestock activities. The livestock are grazed throughout Hertfordshire both on Maydencroft farmland and as part of grazing conservation for a wide variety of clients.

“My role at Maydencroft is quite different because I’ve previously worked on a dairy farm, so working with the Longhorn cattle is a new experience for me.  The role is also very varied because the company is made up of different divisions, so you are able to experience other areas such as arboriculture and ecology.”

Holly attends College one afternoon per week. “The apprenticeship means that you are constantly putting what you learn at College into practice – you are not just learning from a book.” I enjoy coming into College to see other students and we went on two trips during the first term; to Smithfield Festival and to a pig farm in Baldock.”

With a Level 4 qualification as well as plenty of work experience under her belt, Holly would eventually like to work in dairy and livestock nutrition.