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SM Plumbing and Heating

Industry:  Construction
Employer:  Simon Milburn

Case Study SM Plumbing and Heating Employer

SM Plumbing & Heating is a family run business set up five years ago.  Owner, Simon Milburn had spent several years working in-house for large plumbing companies and during this time gained a lot of valuable experience and made many contacts. Simon had been an apprentice himself when he first started out in the trade, so it was an obvious choice when he and his wife Marina were looking for more support for the business.

Marina, who runs the office, said: “After setting up the company, we quite quickly realised it would be helpful to have an extra pair of hands, so we spoke to Bedford College about Apprenticeships.  We felt it was important to give local young people the opportunity to learn and trade.  From a business point of view it was attractive to employ someone straight from school so they could learn on the job straightaway and we could make sure they learnt our high quality standards from day one.”

Rob Crisp started as an apprentice with SM Plumbing & Heating in September 2014. Marina added: “We’d actually known Rob since he was four but it was only when he came to leave school and said he was interested in learning a trade that we thought he could potentially be our next apprentice.” 

Due to the nature of their business working with domestic customers, and going into people’s homes, it was important for apprentice Rob to have the right customer service attitude, in addition to developing his plumbing skills. Marina added: “It’s all been very positive.  Rob’s hard working and polite, the customers like him and we’re actually talking to Bedford College about the possibility of him staying on to do his Level 3 qualifications.”