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Our work with Springfield Lower School

Industry:  Education
Employer:  Mrs Marianne Allen, Headteacher

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There’s no doubt that Headteacher Mrs Marianne Allen is a big believer in the benefits of education and she has taken that belief a step further when recruiting some new staff at Springfield Lower School, by taking on six new apprentices who are able to gain a qualification while they work. 

Mrs Allen said: “The effectiveness of our support staff who had recently left further education has had an impact in the classroom. Bedford College caught my attention with their Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships, so I contacted them to see if they could help. I also discovered they offered Business Administration Apprenticeships which was perfect for the office support we needed and Springfield is supporting the local community.”

The apprentices play an important part in the school. Mrs Allen has established Teaching Assistant mentors for each of her apprentices and they report to the class teacher as a line manager. They have weekly meetings so they know exactly what they need to focus on during the week,  to develop their skills and set targets.  Mrs Allen said: “It’s also given other staff in the school the opportunity to expand their skills by taking on mentoring roles.” 

Mrs Allen added: “My aim is to offer all the apprentices a full-time post at the end of their two year Apprenticeship, so that’s what we’re working towards. The development of skills does not happen overnight, we have to be patient and continue working in partnership with the College.  Each week we see progress and the apprentices are continually learning new skills and contributing more to the success of Springfield.”