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Our work with Briton EMS

Bright Sparks at Briton EMS benefit from management training

Bedford based, Briton EMS has over 30 years' electronics manufacturing expertise.  They are a highly specialised, successful company working with global businesses, such as Unilever, and in a diverse range of sectors from broadcast to medical to telecoms.  Each customer has their own unique way of working requiring Briton EMS to provide individual solutions to meet their needs; this creates a very challenging environment for managers

As the company has grown from a handful of employees to over 100 today, they have struggled to recruit the specific management expertise that their specialist business needs.  Manufacturing Director, Simon Naylor, said:  “In the past, when we brought in people from outside the business, we found that although they were experienced managers, they found it difficult to make an immediate impact because of the complexity of our operations.”

Briton EMS

Developing talent from within

It was against this backdrop that Simon and the senior management team decided to completely change their talent management strategy.  Instead of looking outside the business to recruit new managers, they turned to staff inside the company who could be supported to take a step up to the next level and trained to become future leaders.

As Briton EMS does not have in-house training, Simon contacted Bedford College who deliver best practice management training courses such as Managing People and Performance.  Simon said:  “What we like about the management training Bedford College offer, is that it gives our staff the opportunity to learn best practice and to hear from experts outside the company.  Bedford College have a good network of trainers and they are also very flexible and happy to deliver training on-site if we require it.”

Investment in people

Simon believes his staff value the investment Briton EMS makes in them.  Not only does this help to keep staff motivated, but it provides them with a tool box of skills and techniques they can turn to and use when needed. 

Simon went on to explain that training is an excellent way to grow staff confidence.  This is true throughout the company, at a range of levels. Even people in senior roles may need support to help them deliver specialist training to their staff or make speeches to larger groups of people.  Simon said:  “We’ve just had a member of staff complete the Managing People and Performance course and he now feels he’s got some tools and techniques he can apply to his day-to-day job straightaway.”

Bright future

Briton EMS is facing a period of rapid growth over the next few years and it is important they have the right managers in place to help them achieve this. Simon added: “Through the excellent training it provides, Bedford College is helping us to build the confidence of our staff and in turn grow the business.  The way we view it, is if we bolster the ability of our staff, we improve the service we offer our customers and therefore Britons EMS has a better competitive advantage.”

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