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Aged 16 to 25? Traineeships are a new training programme designed to prepare you for life in employment. In today’s environment it can be extremely difficult to find a job, with employers frequently reporting that those applying for their vacancies don’t have the skills or experience needed to begin work. That’s why traineeships have been developed to bridge the gap between your education and starting your career through work preparation training. View our available Traineeship vacancies.

What does a traineeship involve?
A traineeship combines study and a work placement to develop a range of skills you’ll need for work, and the programme lasts for sixteen weeks.

Work experience
The best way to gain the skills you need for work is to experience employment for yourself – and the traineeships programme is built around a substantial work experience placement that provides the exposure to the working world that employers really value.

Work preparation training
Before you can find a job you’ll need to apply and secure an interview – traineeships help to perfect a range of skills that will make you more employable and improve the way you search and apply for potential vacancies, including CV writing, interview preparation, job search skills and interpersonal skills.

English and maths
No matter which industry you’d like to enter in the future, employers will expect you to demonstrate a certain standard of English and maths – so if you haven’t achieved a grade C or above at GCSE level you will also study to gain these crucial skills as part of your traineeship by working towards a Functional Skills qualification.

How it works

Week 1-2
You’ll attend Bedford College and prepare for your work placement by undertaking work preparation training and studying English and Maths (if applicable).

Week 3-4
You’ll attend Bedford College for one day per week, continuing with your English and Maths training, and taking part in your work placement with an employer for 20 hours per week.

Week 5-6
You’ll attend Bedford College to continue your work preparation training and study English and Maths.

Week 7-16
You'll attend Bedford College for one day per week, continuing with your English and Maths training, and taking part in your work placement with an employer for 20 hours per week.

Where next?
After completing your traineeship you’ll be ‘work ready’, which means you’ll be better placed to move in to employment. Using your new experience you can apply for a range of jobs or apprenticeship training programmes that allow you to continue to study while working in a job and getting paid.

You can start a traineeship if you…

  • are currently not in a job
  • have little or no work experience
  • are aged between 16-24 and do not have a full Level 3 qualification (e.g. two A-Levels) OR
  • are aged up to 25 Education, Health and Care plan or Learning Difficulty Assessment.

Care Traineeships

Find out more

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