Love Island lecture on real life

Thursday 16 January 2020

Former TV Love Island contestant Malin Andersson has been talking to students at Bedford College about life in the real world.

Malin, now a campaigner on mental health and eating disorder issues, took the time to explain how fame doesn’t automatically lead to happiness and how being in the spotlight can cause people to become anxious. That coupled with bereavements, led to her feeling depressed, but therapy and talking helped her through. 

Now a confident, warm, funny and engaging speaker, Malin spoke to more than 100 students from across the riverside college campus in Cauldwell Street.

The talk was staged by Travel & Tourism students to demonstrate event organisation skills as part of their Extended Diploma course.

Kathrine Mills, Lecturer said: “This was an opportunity for students to work with someone who had been in the spotlight and to understand some of the issues around the media when dealing with a celebrity at an event. This is relevant, of course, for any event they may be organising in the future in a travel or tourism environment. In fact Malin had worked as cabin crew for Virgin and Emirates airlines, which could be an aspiration for some of our 

Travel and Tourism students.

“On a broader basis, we asked our award-winning Student Services team to open up the talk to young people across the college to allow them to hear how Malin overcame her mental health and well-being challenges.”

Students put up fund-raising stands in the foyer at the Bedford College South Bank Theatre to raise money to support mental health charities. 


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