Meeting with Minister

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Gina Bubbins, Head of Business Development at Bedford College, has met the Minister for Small Business, Margot James.

Apprenticeships and support for employers seeking skilled staff was the topic when they talked at the Bedford Community Business School, organised by Richard Fuller MP.

Gina reported that Bedford College is able to make the paperwork for apprenticeships easy for small businesses who don’t have time to wade through red tape, but that they had more jobs on offer than suitable 16 and 17 year olds to fill them. 

“There are so many great opportunities out there for young people to earn as they learn, under the wing of employers and the College. Progression onto higher qualifications are more readily available than ever with companies wanting to invest in people - so you can end up with a degree without incurring the debt attached to university,” said Gina.

Margot James was speaking at a series of high profile events where national speakers were teamed with local experts. From Bedford, Zak Resinato of Jagged Edge, Jacquie Manners of Manners PR and Carol Scott Business & HR are all closely linked with Bedford College. 

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Pictured left is Margot James, Minister for Small Business.