Jobs trending with Jagged Edge

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Jagged Edge is trending on social media across the UK with on-line films, official DJ and playlist leading to a queue of would-be trainee barbers.

With a team of barbers on the squad already, young people are lining up to join the fashionable fast-growing company.

Jagged Edge now has pods at Sainsbury’s “villages” in Stevenage, Letchworth and Peterborough as well as a kiosk at Kempston Interchange. It has shops in Bedford High Street, Clapham and Sandy. Expansion plans continue with a new pod opening in Dunstable in July.

“We’ve more exciting locations coming up fast and we need to keep a stream of trained staff to meet customer demand,” said Jagged Edge entrepreneur Zak Resinato, aged 29.

The Bedford High Street barber shop is also used as a training academy for new stylists who receive educational support via Bedford College. Head of Hair and Beauty at Bedford College Kerry Attfield and Brooks Barber Debbie Millier have backed Zak from the start and are finding new ways to meet the employer’s needs for training as far afield as Wisbech, near Peterborough.

At an Open Evening at Jagged Edge Bedford High Street on Tuesday June 14th visitors brought this year’s list of possible recruits to more than 50.

“When we started from scratch in 2014 we were pleased to get a dozen applicants. Now we need more and we are using Snap Chat, Instagram, You Tube and more to get the message out there directly to teenagers and it is paying off,” added Zak, who started barbering his Dad’s shop at 15, re-trained as a ladies’ stylist at Sassoon before securing a deal with Sainsbury’s to open Jagged Edge pods at Sainsbury sites across the UK.

“It’s been a phenomenal journey for us and it’s great to be creating a culture of professional training, promotions and opportunities to progress for young people.”

Kerry Attfield, Head of Hair and Beauty at Bedford College said: “We are proud to be associated with Zak and his team. This partnership is breaking new ground in the way an FE College supports a dynamic new business model and the engagement and commitment it generates in students has led to a 100% pass rate for the 2015/16 year group.”