World Class college at National Apprenticeship Show

Friday 12 February 2016

Bedford College is taking its place at the first National Apprenticeship Show where 100s of employers will meet 1,000s of students.

As the leading provider of quality apprenticeship training in the county, Bedford College works with a 1,000 employers across Beds and Bucks. It has placed 10,000s of young people in apprenticeships with companies ranging from giants like Vauxhall to one-wo/man businesses.

International companies have great expectations of their training partners and Bedford College always delivers. Small companies need help with navigating the red tape which comes with employment, and Bedford College is there to guide them.

Gina Bubbins, Head of Business Development at Bedford College and said: "We have good quality 16 and 17-year-olds ready to take up apprenticeships which involve on-going training with Bedford College and we are looking forward to linking up with new employers at this major event at Milton Keynes.”

Students need to understand that "raising participation" until the age of 18 need NOT mean staying at school. Aged 16 young people can are sought by employers looking for well-educated trainees.

In addition to apprenticeships, 16-year-olds can make the move from school into full-time courses in a huge range of subjects which lead to employer-recognised qualifications. These can lead on to Higher Education or degree-level learning, with timetables that fit in with employment.

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