Taking off with Airlander

Thursday 23 July 2015

Bedford College engineering students have been given an exclusive look into the latest technology at Hybrid Air Vehicles at Cardington, Beds.

The top performing teams of students, who had worked with on a series of mini-engineering projects this year, were invited for a behind the scenes visits at the international centre and a close-up of one of the Airlander craft, housed in one of the world famous hangars.


Bedford College Personal Tutor Bethany Coles said: “This was a great opportunity for our students to liaise directly with engineering experts and gain an insight into the thinking and planning that goes into such an industry.

“The senior people from Hybrid Air Vehicles were so impressed with the enthusiasm of our teams that they invited not just one, but three groups to visit.”

Cardington Sheds

The challenges named after great inventors were:

  1. Dyson – Investigate the environmental benefits and potential uses of the Airlander.
  2. Edison – Investigate the feasibility of a solar powered Airlander
  3. Whittle – Investigate the practicalities of both Airlander and other conventional travel methods
  4. Marconi - Investigate the feasibility of deploying the Airlander as a remote environmental sensing/monitoring solution

Findings were presented to the Bedford College Engineering staff and two representatives from Hybrid Air Vehicles

  • Dan Bickerstaff
  • Jenny Rea
  • Hugh Rea
  • Dave Pridmore
  • Barry Robertson (STEM Ambassador for Hybrid Air Vehicles)
  • Stuart Farrell (Head of Engineering Production for Hybrid Air Vehicles)

  • Overall Winners: Team Inocram (undertook Marconi task)
  • Best Group: Team BMSS (Marconi)
  • Best Individual Presentation: Kieran Loveridge (Whittle)


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