Bridging the gap

Tuesday 17 February 2015

A road bridge could be built between Bedford College and Borough Hall taking traffic from Kingsway across to the north side of the river.

News came as part of a Government funding announcement in February which happily included £4.5 Million for a state of the art advanced electronics, robotics and pneumatics centre at the college’s Cauldwell Street campus. The two projects are not dependent on each other – the college centre will be built as soon as possible.

The bridge has a working title: Batts Ford bridge which harks back to the era when it was first talked about – 60 years ago. The gap between the college and what was county, now borough, hall has been left clear for this river crossing

Since the bridge was first suggested the shape of the town and traffic movements have changed dramatically.

Bedford College is among those consulted about the river crossing and roads leading toward the site.