Bedford College welcomes elective home educators

Thursday 10 December 2015

Hundreds of children and young people in Bedfordshire are “Electively Home Educated” by their families and are being taught outside of mainstream classroom environments.

The Government last year introduced a new initiative entitled: the National Network for Collaborative Outreach. Locally, the University of Bedfordshire is the Lead Partner and Bedford College, is the Lead FE Institution; they are working with other local colleges and partners on various projects such as this, to enable all children and young people to achieve their full potential and to enter the workforce. 

Over 20 families, including 25 children aged from under 12 months to 15 years of age, attended a ‘Get to Know Us Better Event’, in 25 Restaurant to learn more about Further and Higher Education and what is available to prepare and support these families, as the children and young people progress from being home educated into the next phase of their education and training. The families put forward suggestions for ways that the College could help, from having access to a room to meet in regularly to support each other and exchange ideas, to attending ‘taster visits’ and parent/carer and child sessions.

“After the first meeting we had a much better idea of what possibilities there were for collaborating together, delivering impartial, information, advice and guidance, workshops, tasters and supporting the transition from home education when appropriate. The feedback from those present was very positive and many saw this as a great opportunity for the Elective Home Education community to gather together, the less experienced with the more experienced, to network and share, both for the children and adults, as well as learn more about us.’’

‘We hope that this will be just the beginning of a more long term, sustainable collaboration between us all.” said Ellen Punter, Bedford College Schools and Community Liaison Manager.