Making movies

Saturday 7 September 2013

Wayland’s Song which goes on national release nationally and will be shown at the Bedford Film Festival this month (Sept 2013) was filmed in Bedford with the help of Bedford College staff and students.

An introduction over coffee by Libby Lionetti of The Piazza between Bedford College Principal and leisure-time musician, Ian Pryce, and Richard Jobson, legend of The Skids and Bafta nominee led to fantastic work experience for students and staff.

Ian Pryce invited film maker Richard to use the campus as his base for the feature production which tells the story of an injured soldier coming home from the front to find his daughter is missing. Scenes from the thriller were shot in a “studio” style set up at the College in Cauldwell Street and in various locations in and around Bedford.

Students were used as extras or utilised their skills in hair and make-up, filming and editing to be part of the team.  On set catering – vital in any film project  - was supplied by Bedford College staff and students.

Richard, who has lived in Bedfordshire for two decades, says he received an enthusiastic welcome from the College and others in the town: “It was great to work with the College and the young people there and I hope they are all got something back in the form of exciting real life work experience.”

Ian Pryce added: “To have someone like Richard and his crew, here on site with our team and students was a fantastic opportunity.”

Off campus Richard and team filmed at places like Church Square, Esquires Club, The Bedford Swan Hotel. The Hi Fi Club, Hillcrest Hotel as well as in and around the Castle Quay.

* A private viewing was staged at Bedford College earlier this year prior to official premieres in Berlin, Cannes and Edinburgh.

Bedford College members of art department were able to see their work and influences on screen and their and names on the credits.

Film Details:

Wayland's Song, a new thriller from writer/director Richard Jobson is a co-production between his NO-BAD FILMS and BIG-LIFE PICTURES.

Starring Michael Nardone(Rome) alongside Orla Brady(Mistresses) and Rob Collier(Downton Abbey).

Wayland returns home after being badly injured in the war in Afghanistan, the legacy of his injuries are epileptic seizures. To compound his sense of isolation his daughter has vanished without a trace. He is determined to find her. His investigation uncovers a dark, sinister world where nothing is quite what it seems. His quest becomes not only about finding her but also about discovering who and what he has become. Wayland is looking for something he left behind in the killing fields of Helmand Provence, his humanity and his soul.

Wayland's Song is an adaptation of the classic Northern European parable. Wayland is crippled by his masters so he can never take flight and escape for which he takes a bloody and violent revenge.