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Monday 16 September 2013

Bedford College is planning to open a Technical Academy for 13 – 19 year olds who want to secure careers in science, service and creative industries.

Specialists are now predicting that in the future only those skilled in technology will be able to command good salaries in any field of industry or commerce.

And to reach those advanced levels, already being taught in the best classrooms around the world, students need to be in the right environment.

“We are in a global economy where business, manufacturing and services can be sourced from anywhere in the world and our young people have to be trained to compete. Even in those areas where people cannot be replaced by computers, staff need to be  to master and manage technology,” said Ian Pryce CBE CEO and Principal of Bedford College.

Bedford College has an outstanding track record in creating educational opportunities. It is one of the top performing FE colleges in the UK, it helped secure £250 Million worth of investment for the Bedford Academy and helped project manage the pioneering Bedford Free School which is being held up as a national success story.

Bedford College has opened a dedicated Sixth Form with the emphasis on quality A-Level studies leading to university and has transformed Shuttleworth agricultural college into a leading land-based learning establishment.

“We do not shy away from challenges because they are difficult, our job is shape a future for the young people of Bedfordshire and their families. We respond to public demand and this is evidenced by the number of parents and students who want to take up the educational opportunities we have made available.

“Without the right training  young people will face a future of poorly paid employment and all that means for them and their community.

“We must focus on technology, technology, technology.”

Response from parents to the idea has already been positive and as part of on-going consultation people are invited to give their view here.



Bedford College has the backing of international and national employers who turn to them for trainees and apprentices – and report that standard schools are simply not producing enough young people with the right qualifications and skills to cope with the fast-moving modern world of work.

Ian Pryce invites all employers to a special event being held at Bedford College 25 Restaurant on 5th floor of the Cauldwell campus tower block at 6pm Wednesday September 25th.

Any businesses wishing to give their input into the shaping the curriculum are welcome.

Please email Jmanners@mannerspr.co.uk

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