Thursday 3 October 2013


From the 9-24 January 2014, Bedford College’s Award Winning Higher National Diploma Graphic Design Course will be open for business. Trading as Bridge, the 17 strong student team guided by Tutors Jeffrey Tribe, Danny Stijelja and David Litchfield and are inviting local businesses and individuals to employ students for the design of logos, adverts, leaflets and any other small print items for an astonishing one-off flat fee of £150.

The course at Bedford has established itself both locally and nationally as a high quality provision for Graphic Design, winning countless awards and competitions. Students work closely with leading Design Consultancies, have a professional mentoring arrangement with local Agency Bonfire Design and are recognised as the primary local provider of new creative talent. Credentials that will guarantee outstanding service and creativity.

The initiative will provide students with valuable real life experiences and help them to make the link between client design needs and education. Additionally, it is hoped that the project will raise sufficient funds to enable the course to exhibit their work at two end of year exhibitions in July 2014. The students will initially be showcasing their best work at Bedford College’s South Bank Arts Centre and soon after at a major London venue as part of D&AD’s (Design and Art Direction’s), New Blood annual graduate exhibition of the best emerging new talent for 2014.

Start 2014 with some fresh new creative communications for an extraordinary price. Contact the Course Tutor Jeffrey Tribe and outline your needs. Deadline for submissions Monday 6 January 2014.

To express interest email:

Design Bridge students