Hospitality to Jamie Oliver down on the farm

Friday 2 August 2013

Bedford College and Shuttleworth College bring together farming and food production with catering and hospitality when training young people for key careers.

So there was much excitement when Jamie Oliver decided to film one of his “real food” shows at Shuttleworth College.

Jamie and Jimmy Doherty used Kingshill Farm for the setting for a fun sequence driving tractors to and fro and then carrying hay bales.

CEO Ian Pryce was there to watch the fun as Shuttleworth Director Mike Johnston found himself “volunteered” to be a Master of Ceremonies for the TV show. Also looking on were nearly 100 young people who had signed up to the National Citizen Service programme being staged at Old Warden Park.

It was behind the scenes that most of the work went on with Kingshill Farm Manager Robert Coles combining some of his real duties with preparing the site as a set for filming.

Said Robert: “It was harder work than harvesting in some respects – but great fun. I am hoping Jimmy will come back and visit us in the future when we have carried out some investments at Kingshill.

“I would also like us to be on the TV programme Countryfile so the whole world can see what a great job we do here at Shuttleworth.”

There was also a treat for chef Adam Thorpe. Adam trained at Bedford College before taking up a post at The Mansion House, which is part of Bedford College’s campus at Old Warden Park. Adam was celebrating his 21st birthday and Jamie signed a copy of his treasured recipe book.

Jamie has inspired a generation of young people to become chefs and like Adam, many train at Bedford College.