Become a Governor

The Corporation seeks applications from talented prospective governors on an ongoing basis. The Bedford College Group serves an ethnically diverse community and our Board should be representative of the local community. In order to improve the composition of the Board in terms of diversity, the College welcomes all applicants and particularly applications from women and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Who can be a governor?

Anyone eligible under the Instrument of Government can apply to be an external Governor. We recruit external governors based on a skills assessment and experience of the Further Education sector is not a requirement. Please see our current general person specification and role description for further information.

All Governors offer their time voluntarily and are expected to attend formal meetings and relevant training and College events where they can. 

The College has benefited from longstanding commitment of dedicated individuals in the past. However, feedback from such governors has confirmed that the experience has been an enriching one.

Download our Governor Leaflet to find out more

How can I apply?

If you'd like to shape the future of The Bedford College Group, then please download and complete the application form and Equal Opportunities Form and email to Rachel Nicol, Clerk to the Corporation, at

Here are what some of our Governors have to say about the role...

Allan Schofield (Chair of the Corporation)

Allan Schofield (1)

Bedford College, along with Tresham College in Northamptonshire, is one of the largest further education colleges in the country providing a wide range of education opportunities, including skills training and apprenticeships.

Being a member of the Board of the corporation, a governor, gives the opportunity to influence the direction of the college and to contribute to the development of the Group in meeting the educational needs of the communities it serves. The Board of Governors is ultimately responsible for: the quality of education and training provided; and the appropriate and effective use of the funds allocated to the Group.

We believe the Board needs to be representative of the communities served by the colleges. So we regard the diversity of the Board as an important strength and we look for governors with a diverse range of interests and with diverse backgrounds. The Board includes students and staff employed by the colleges as well as external members from industry, commerce, the voluntary and public sectors.

If you feel you would like to make a contribution to the governance of an enterprise critical to the future lives of our students and the nation, we would like to hear from you. You don’t need experience in education but we do look for people who have the capability to think at a strategic level and are ready to ask questions where they consider the planned strategic development of the colleges is at risk. The role is demanding but interesting and rewarding enabling you to play a significant role in securing a successful future for our students.

Shaun Wilson (Staff Governor) 

What it means to be a staff governor:

I do believe that all governors, have an important role to ensure that the educational scheme of the college is set and that there are continuous and robust measures in place with checks and balances and moderating keeping the corporation honest, ensuring that the finance of the colleges in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire are in good order.

To take the time to talk and listen to staff, to bring forward and to communicate effectively to the board with positive ideas, statements and also concerns that may have an influence on decisions made, therefore having an input to challenge and change outcomes for the benefit of all staff concerned and the corporation as a whole.

There are also sub roles within the governing body of which one that I also partake in and that is the Quality Standards and Assurance (QSA) which I believe is important that we ensure that the quality systems are in place to actualise good quality teaching and support, as our main goal is that of the students – to provide students across all campuses and surrounding areas with opportunities to develop their life, work and communication skills, so that they too can follow their dreams.

I believe that it is important to ensure that there is always a staff governor, as the purpose of the whole governance is to ensure that there is a wide range of people from various backgrounds, who all come with their own expertise, business people, accounts people, somebody interested in the curriculum, student governors, so, it’s about what you can bring to the table.

As a staff governor you have a responsibility to ask questions, to ask why we are doing a certain thing,  to ensure that the direction is moving forward in order to help improve practice, that you scrutinise, and also bring positivity, furthermore that the strategy and focus stays on purpose with a positive outlook.

So, what can you bring to the table…

Janis Cirss (Student Governor, August 2016 – July 2018) 


As a Student Governor you are a representation of the student body at the highest level. Any student that is elected in this role will be able to see both the organisation as a whole and learn about the many different parts of it.

The most rewarding experience is the opportunity to shape the way the organisation is evolving and see how your contributions are making a positive impact. The role requires quite a commitment of your personal time as meetings can take considerable amount of time, but offers a  tremendous amount of personal development.

You can expect to develop public speaking, analytical skills, networking and most importantly being able to see the bigger picture.

I have served as a Student Governor for two years and I have grown so much personally, so for any student who is thinking about becoming a Student Governor; you should definitely give it a go. There are a lot of interesting events to attend in this role, I for such as awards ceremonies.

The most valuable thing I have taken from this experience is the people I have been able to work with, that includes the Executive Team, our very own Principal, the other Governors and the Director of Governance, who have positively shaped my experience.