Annual Review 2019

We are delighted that The Bedford College Group ended 2019 with the recognition that we deserve: Ofsted Good in all areas.

We took on a huge challenge when we merged with Tresham College only two years ago in 2017. Tresham College was a large college in a different county, rated inadequate by Ofsted in 2016 and with extensive financial deficits. However our passion, determination and exceptional hard work from staff at all levels of the College has culminated with Ofsted’s recent announcement that The Bedford College Group is rated Good in all areas, with adult and young  students developing “excellent” study skills. 

What’s more, the Group has achieved the highest overall student achievement in the Eastern Region, and the speedy improvement at Tresham College received personal congratulations from the Further  Education Commissioner.

Our achievements are all the more significant when we consider that the Department for Education’s (DfE) research shows, on average, merging colleges see their income reduce, pass rates decline and payroll costs rise. We are delighted to be  bucking the trend!

We have worked hard to build links with communities in Northamptonshire whilst strengthening our existing links in Bedfordshire. And, as we look forward to the future, we are committed to expanding and enhancing these partnerships  across the region and intend to deliver world  class education for the communities we serve.

I hope you can take a few minutes to read our Annual Review (see below) and find out more about our hard work this year. 

Ian Pryce CBE Principal & Chief Executive The Bedford College Group