Our vision

Our vision

Delivering world class skills and education to the communities we serve.

Our values

Our values reflect the manner in which we set out to achieve our aims. We put the student at the heart of all we do. Our three core values are:

Student focus
We will seek to achieve a high quality learning experience for every student.

High performance
We will strive for consistently high levels of performance in all aspects of our work.

Respect, openness and honesty
We will treat everyone with respect, encourage openness and honesty, and recognise each other's contributions and achievements.

Our strategic objectives to 2021

Educational Leadership

✔ To be perceived as an authority locally and within the sector on matters educational, not just further education

✔ To maintain our position as market leader by number of students locally on 16-18, apprenticeships, part-time provision and higher education

✔ To be perceived by local employers as highly responsive and an expert in work based and work-related learning

Educational Leadership progress

Educational Sustainability

✔ To maintain full-time 16-18 student numbers of at least 5,200 over the plan period

✔ To grow The Bedford Sixth Form to 600 students over the plan period

✔ To develop high quality, high level direct 14-16 provision in technical subjects for > 100 students by the end of the plan period

✔ To grow our higher education provision by 30% over the plan period

✔ To grow our non-subcontracted apprenticeship provision by 20%-30% over the plan period

Educational Sustainability progress

Financial Stability

✔ To return to Outstanding financial health rating within three years of the Tresham College merger and return to surpluses of at least £1m by 2019

✔ To maintain capital investment at an average of at least £3.5m p.a. over the plan period

✔ To make like-for-like productivity improvements of at least 10% over the plan period

✔ To create new subsidiary companies that enable us to compete better with private competitors

Financial Sustainability progress

High Quality Provision

✔ To achieve key performance measures in the top 10% nationally by the end of the plan period

✔ To continue to raise the curriculum “centre of gravity” upwards during the plan period so more of our activity is at Level 3 and above

✔ To achieve key A-Level performance table results that at least match the best local state schools by the end of the plan period

✔ To improve student outcomes in terms of employment and higher education, and progression to Level 3 and above, with < 7% unemployment levels overall

✔ To invest a minimum of 3% of income in staff development to support improvements in staff quality and staff productivity

High Quality Provision progress