Annual Review

Message from the Principal

We’re proud of the fact that Bedford College has been providing excellent education to local people for over 130 years. It all started in 1882 with our founder Margaret Stansfeld who was passionate about equality and social mobility. We honoured her legacy this year when we opened our brand new, £2 million Margaret Stansfeld building at our Cauldwell Street Campus.

Ian Pryce

We still adhere to the same values that Margaret did all those years ago. We are one of only three secondary institutions in this area that have maintained Ofsted Outstanding or Good ratings for 15 years and we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of educational opportunities for the whole community. We offer traditional routes such as A-Levels at The Bedford Sixth Form, where this year 97% of students went on to a degree course or employment, and vocational programmes which provide equally exceptional opportunities.

Our continued success with Apprenticeships, reflects the strength of our partnerships with local and national employers and how important this is to us. Our Apprenticeships have grown by a massive 471% in the last seven years. What’s more, our apprentices are achieving excellent success rates, which have been well above the national average for the past two years. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read on and find out how we’re continuing the excellent educational work that Margaret Stansfeld started over a century ago.

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Kevin Bromboszcz

Out of the 336 further education colleges in England we rank 52 for our financial strength. Over the last 20 years Bedford College has grown much faster than other local colleges. From being one of the smallest, it is now one of the largest providers of further education in our region. We are also the largest provider of Apprenticeships and provide more university level education than any local college.

The Bedford College Corporation is pleased that our ambitious Strategic Plan for the years 2010- 2016 has already been achieved and we are now developing an equally ambitious plan for 2016-21.

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  • Mr K Bromboszcz (Chair of Governors)
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