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New bursary for top local graduates to train as FE teachers

Bedford College is encouraging local graduates interested in becoming teachers in the Further Education (FE sector) to investigate whether they may be eligible for funding under a new bursary scheme.

The government has launched the scheme to attract high quality graduates to become Maths and English teachers in the FE sector. Eligible applicants must be volunteer teachers and not be employed by an Educational Institution prior to the start of course.


Degree class

ITT Specialism















Note: ‘Other’ is defined as learners who achieve a degree class lower than 2:2 but with at least a B at A-Level.

The full-time PGCE (with subject specific pathways) course at Bedford College is 1 year in duration and it is validated through the University of Bedfordshire (UoB). The fee for the course is £6,000 and the government bursary can help towards the payment of course fees. The course offers placements at Bedford College working alongside experienced subject specific mentors.

The bursary is also available for the two year part-time course although conditions apply to this route.

Applicants who want to teach Maths must have a Maths or related degree, while those who want to teach English need an English or related degree.

Bedford College will consider applicants with other degrees on a case by case basis, assessing each applicant's knowledge of the subject they want to teach. Bedford College will also assess a candidate's commitment to teaching in FE, as this is a requirement of the scheme.

All trainee teachers who attract the bursary will also be required to undertake the appropriate UoB Level 5 Subject Specialist Certificate alongside the PGCE to meet the bursary conditions of subject enhancement (Please contact the Bedford College Teacher Education and Training team for details).

At the end of their ITT course, it is expected that trainees will look for a teaching post in the further education sector in England. English and Maths trainees will have been trained to teach their subject specialisms from basic level to GCSE and Level 3, and it is intended that they will go on to do this. There is a demonstrable need for new teachers with these specialisms. Qualified trainees can look forward to a rewarding career in an exciting and diverse sector.

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