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Total IT Technology Solutions

Total IT Technology Solutions Ltd is an IT support provider with a wide customer base from new business start-ups to companies with multi £ million turnovers, nationally and internationally.

Total IT Technology Solutions

Managing Director, Steve Dunmall, explained:

“What makes us different is that we are one port of call for all IT headaches.  We liaise with third party business to ensure a full IT support service, from networks to cabling and telephone systems.”

Working with Bedford College and NITP (National IT Partnership) on a fast track apprenticeship programme, Total IT is committed to developing the skills of apprentices within the business and here Steve Dunmall answers questions on what that means for Total IT:

What is the value of apprenticeships to the business?
There is a massive value in this apprenticeship programme.  The difference that Bedford College and NITP offers is the balance of 2 weeks in college and 2 weeks working with the business to put that knowledge into practice. The knowledge and skills that apprentices learn in college and bring to our business is valuable and working with them over a 7 month period means that we can mould them into our business.

Why did you choose Bedford College and NITP for this training?
NITP contacted us and we were very impressed with their professional approach and the concept of the apprenticeship programme.   We were one of the first businesses to sign up for the programme.

What was your experience in working with Bedford College and NITP?
NITP have been helpful throughout the process, including selecting candidates for interview and matching apprentices to the business.  They continue to support the business and apprentices with excellent communication.

What is the standard of apprentices and their training?
The apprentices are hard working, enthusiastic and committed.  When they join us they have already begun training and gained qualifications.  They are eager to learn and have received many compliments from colleagues and customers.

How did your business benefit from this training?
The whole point is to bring the apprentices into the ethos of the business, with direct employment at the end of the apprenticeship.  They understand how the business works and build up strong business relationships with customers.  That is a big advantage.

Have training objectives been achieved?
We are at the beginning of the apprenticeship programme but objectives are already being met such as how to use support tools, answering customer inquiries and how to prioritise work.   We are also looking at new cloud technology and about to start migration to 100 user companies.

What has been the impact on business performance? Customer service will improve along with an increase in customer base, productivity and sharing of knowledge.

And the final word?
A big thank you to NITP for their helpful assistance at all stages.  This is a strong partnership and we plan to continue with the apprenticeship programme in the future.

One of the first apprentices to join the programme, Dan Newton, added:

“I’m earning while learning and will have a job at the end of the apprenticeship.  A better option than going to University and coming out with a huge debt.  Thanks to Total IT, NITP and Bedford College for this opportunity.”