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Cardington Joinery

Cardington Joinery is a high class joinery company owned by Paul Keech and Steven Browning.  They have been established now for approximately 20 years in Bedfordshire.

Cardington Joinery

We asked Paul what made them decide to take on an apprentice and he explained:

“We have had apprentices over the years but have not had a good experience with them.  However, when Ben approached us we thought we would give it another try and as he had already had some experience in the industry and we knew that he was keen to get a trade”.

Paul goes on to explain that it was a good decision and has found the College extremely helpful. The whole process was really simple, with their Apprenticeship Liaison Officer giving them regular feedback on the progress of Ben.

“The good thing about an apprenticeship is that we know that Ben is receiving the necessary skills and training to do his job and is still earning a salary at the same time.  Even better is that on this course he attends the College on block release rather than a day each week and this fits in with our company superbly.  I would definitely encourage other companies to take on apprentice and if we were a bigger company would consider taking on another”.